Istion, Your Venture Company

Sail your venture! This is our motto.
Istion supports new entrepreneurs, accompanying them in the set-up, management, and development of innovative startups in Healthcare & Life Sciences sectors.

Value Proposition
For Stakeholders

New business ventures rely on investors to provide the necessary funding and resources to help them grow and succeed in their respective industries. Founders are the driving force behind many successful startups, as they bring innovative ideas, passion, and leadership to their ventures. Istion combines the strengths of both investors and founders to ensure that innovative ideas become successful reality.

Your Leading Wind

Istion is a venture company dedicated to supportĀ startups and innovative companies from 0 to 1 in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors, focusing on the field of cancer treatment and diagnosis, which are aimed to create real value and positive impact for stakeholders.


Istion collaborates with institutional players and public and private investors to bring together science and business into successful and impactful entrepreneurial initiatives in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors.